About Autisans Guides

The Autisans Guides programme is a project resulting from the COVID 19 lockdown.

We wanted to give socially isolated people a way to get involved in something meaningful on their own terms but where each individual contribution went towards something bigger.

Autisans Guides research historic buildings, people, locations and events. We then weave practical learning and activities around the stories we discover to create immersive educational websites which can be used by individual learners, home educators and teachers.

Our goal is to build a network of educational websites which can be used as a valuable teaching resource and form the foundation for an online school and eventually a physical skills campus.

People walk past historic buildings, statues and places every day with barely a second glance. The Autisans Guide websites brings their stories to life through editorial, videos and digital productions which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

Why Autisans Guides is important

Many autistic people are home educated and the parents get no support or funding from the education system. We are seeking to create a well researched and structured network of educational websites which can be accessed for free by home educators, self learners and teachers.

A lot of autistic and disabled people suffer from social isolation and feel disconnected from society. We seek to engage with them and help them connect with and learn from the past whilst igniting a passion for history, learning and their local community.


Our first educational guide researched the history of Kinmel Hall and its owners. We then linked the content to educational videos produced by English Heritage about what life was like in Victorian times, including practical victorian cooking activities they can try themselves.

Visit AboutKinmelHall.com