Apple Butter
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Fruit Preserve
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Spiced Apple
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Apple butter is a flavoured fruit spread made by slowly cooking fresh fruit, sugar and spices until a smooth, thick consistency emerges. Natural grown apples are slowly simmered for up to sixteen hours with sugar and spices resulting in a delicious fruit spread known as apple butter.

This perfect combination of traditional sweetness and rich, fruity flavour bakes wonderfully in cakes, breads and pastries. Use it as a glaze on pork, add it to sauces or as a topping on your pancakes. It tastes great on toast, is lovely with cheese and crackers or you can just eat it by the spoonful right from the jar.

Our apple butter is made from the hand picked local apples we grow and harvest in our own orchards. We rescue, plant and maintain community orchards where we grow local and heritage varieties which are blended with locally donated apples.

We prefer a natural and organic approach and this starts with how the fruit is grown. We do not use chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides in our orchards. We hand pick the apples then following traditional recipes, we add spices including cinnamon and nutmeg and sweeten with sugar without using artificial preservatives.

Every jar sold helps to support Autisans. All profits go directly toward community orchard projects and to further our beautiful work and charitable purposes including upskilling local people

Product Features

Autisans Apple butter is a delicious fruit spread which spreads like butter, is better than jam and has countless tasty uses.

It is made from naturally grown, hand-picked apples, grown and harvested in our own community orchards, or we receive by donation from around the local area.

Different apple varieties are mixed together, chopped and then slowly cooked for up to sixteen hours in small batches to concentrate the flavours of the fruit and spices and remove moisture through evaporation. The result spreads like butter and is great with cheese and crackers.

While you enjoy the refreshingly fruity taste of this wonderful hand made fruit spread, you can take pleasure in the knowledge all profits go toward upskilling autistic people and the local community.