Autisans works with young autistic adults to give them new experiences and build confidence

about autisans

who we are and what we do

Autisans provide learning opportunities and practical education to individuals affected by autism, learning difficulties, low confidence and/or social isolation, including their families, friends and carers.

we work with people of all ages and abilities to help them fulfil their potential, regardless of background or circumstances
  • We want to empower and enable these individuals to gain new skills, so they can generate their own income.
  • We create community and business initiatives which are safe spaces for individuals to gain artisan-based experience.
  • All of our profits are reinvested into the business so all of our work is self-sustainable!
our mission is to inspire, innovate and educate

We want to inspire individuals to kick-start their careers and be innovative in everything they do. We also want to educate them on how to progress in their careers by teaching them practical artisan and business skills. We aim to provide them with skills for life to help them shape their lives.

Currently, Autisan Orchards is the heart of the organisation but the goal does not end there. From the apples in the orchard we make Autisan Drinks and eventually we want to grow into an umbrella brand including but not limited to; Autisan Fudge, Autisan Preserves, Autisan Kitchen and Autisan Events.

We are an inclusive business and we focus on the individual not their background or circumstances

We are a social enterprise business which will continue to grow through motivating and enabling others. But most importantly, we use our profits to do good things within the community.